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Manipulating the news—part two

Yet another story where the headline is written in such a way as to make you far more interested than you should be. Found this one via Fark, where the comment was: “”Two Jacksonville men stop airline attack” is the headline. Just replace “attack” with “really annoying drunk guy,” and you are a bit closer to the truth. John Ashcroft wants you to surrender to fear.”

Adam Rice said it was the worst flight ever. On a Northwest flight from Tokyo to Detroit, a rowdy passenger attacked him, threatened the crew and forced the captain to make an emergency landing in Alaska.

According to police, that rowdy passenger, Frank Shutski, had drunk four miniature bottles of whiskey and took two sleeping pills prior to the incident.

“He started grabbing the seat that was in front of him, which is where I was sitting, and started shaking it violently,” said Rice (pictured, right), who asked him to stop.

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