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Fowl play

I praise the Bush administration. This administration has given us more things to fret, cry, and fume about, yet they always give us something to laugh at as well.
Remember the 2-1/2 hour visit to Bagdad Airport? Remember that picture of Bush presenting the troops with a lovely, golden brown turkey?
Read on.

President Bush’s Baghdad turkey was for looking, not for eating.

In the most widely published image from his Thanksgiving day trip to Baghdad, the beaming president is wearing an Army workout jacket and surrounded by soldiers as he cradles a huge platter laden with a golden-brown turkey.

The bird is so perfect it looks as if it came from a food magazine, with bunches of grapes and other trimmings completing a Norman Rockwell image that evokes bounty and security in one of the most dangerous parts of the world.

But as a small sign of the many ways the White House maximized the impact of the 21/2-hour stop at the Baghdad airport, administration officials said yesterday that Bush picked up a decoration, not a serving plate.

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