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I’ll have a cool Christmas

The aforementioned Jann sent me Christmas gifts today. Sometimes we give each other duds; and the fact that we’ve lived 3,000 miles apart now for 5 years or so means that we don’t seem to know each other the same way we used to. But he hit a home run this year.
Knowing (and enabling) my early adopter tendencies the way he does, he scoured eBay and put together an amazing package of cool stuff, all for the Prius nut. So, even though I didn’t get my Prius first, I am fairly certain that I am the only Prius owner here in the area who now owns:

  • A Prius backpack
  • A Prius pen that lights up with a reassuring green glow
  • A Prius travel alarm clock
  • A Prius mini-CD ROM (I have no idea what’s on it, though)
  • A Prius Pocket Reference Guide and Pocket Key Card with selling points
  • A complete Prius “Participant Tool Box” from Toyota Product Education
  • Coolest of all, a stylish Kenneth Cole Prius watch!

I’m in hybrid heaven right now. Woo hoo!!

Cool Prius facts according to the Prius Emissions Slide Rule from the tool box:

  • Driving Prius 150,000 miles produces fewer smog-forming emissions than painting a 500-square-foot room.
  • Driving San Francisco to Dallas, round trip (about 3,500 miles) produces fewer emissions than emptying an 8-oz can of cooking spray.
  • 24,000 miles… less than spilling 1 cup of unleaded gasoline.
  • 8,500 miles… less than using 4 oz. of nail polish remover.
  • Anchorage, Alaska to Miami (5,200 miles)… less than using a whole can of air freshener.
  • Paris to Peking, 7,340 miles… less than emptying a can of insect repellant.

Hmm. Maybe cars aren’t the big smog producers. We should stop using cans of stuff.

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