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A new class of non-citizen

I was going to write a bit of a rant here, in my rabid ultra-left liberal style, about today’s campaign fodder by President Bush — you know, the plan to allow illegal aliens to work in the U.S.
But I figured that enough media outlets and various labor and human rights organizations are already making the points about the effects of legalizing low-wage workers with no rights… anyway. I’m going to try not to harp on it or worry too much about it. It takes the better part of a decade to get immigration-related legislation through Congress, and this is clearly just a bid for Hispanic votes in an election year. Remember, he did this in the last election, and then dropped it.
Hmm. I was going to drop it.
Cripes. Can we give big corporations yet one more big gift from this government? A slew of workers that can be paid an absolute minimum; who, as non-citizens, have little recourse if mistreated by their employer; who can be fired for no reason but, once fired, will be deported because the government has them in a database? People who are only welcome in this country if they are cleaning our restrooms and picking our produce? The creation of a whole new class of American society, the worker drones?
I promise. No more.

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