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Left to right: a continuum

I just realized this: on one side of my desk, I have one of those hutch things with a push-pin board. There are all sorts of things on the board, and I just noticed that where the items are placed depends on whether the subject is alive or dead.
This is weird.
On the left side (from left to right), I have a staff phone list, a calendar, a couple notes from my friend Sara, and a lovely note from Gerda and Kurt Klein. Mr. Klein died in 2002. On the right side, I have an invitation to Elizabeth Campbell’s 100th birthday party. She died last month. Next to that is a print-out of an e-mail from Joe Ferguson, who was aboard the plane that hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
This is more than a little creepy. I have more notes here from people who are dead than from those who are alive. And the notes just seem to migrate to the right over time.
This is a weird entry. Sorry. My mind works in creepy ways sometimes.

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