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100 Kinky Ideas

I’ve seen excerpts from this naive and laughable list on the net, but no one has listed the whole thing – now you can read for yourself 100 things that teens can do instead of having sex. Such adorable ideas as:
11. Play Twister. (That’s not likely to make anyone think sexual thoughts.)
31. Eat something you have never tried before. (Assuming you’re still a pious virgin, of course.)
69. Invent a new game. (Ironic that this would be number 69, eh?)
75. Go on a group date. (No comment necessary.)
79. Help each other clean out your closets. (I’ve never heard that particular euphemism before — sounds like a code for gay sex, doesn’t it?)
85. Buy a disposable camera and take funny pictures of each other. (These are getting kinkier and kinkier.)
91. Play baseball without a bat or ball. (C’mon baby, slide home!)

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