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The fox and the henhouse

From the Washington Post:

President Bush yesterday sharpened his disagreement with Democratic presidential candidates over how to curb health care costs and help the 43 million Americans who lack insurance, saying the solutions lie in the private sector, not in expanded public programs.

…Bush asked lawmakers to create tax credits to help people buy health insurance if they cannot obtain coverage through their jobs.

Yeah, because they’ve done so well up until know. And like with the prescription drug plan, he never asks the corporations to lower their prices. He just allows them to gouge with high prices, then provides tax credits to people in order to pay those high prices, keeping the health care industries riding high on enormous profits and lackluster service.

When, I wonder, are people going to rise up and see the obvious: George Bush works for high-powered corporations, not for the American people. He so much as says it every time he opens his mouth.

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