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For better or worse, here’s my photographic record of what may turn out to be a pretty boring Leap Day. I’ll update as the day goes on…

Watching “Are You Being Served?” while laying in bed slightly tipsy from a party I attended.

Reading the paper on my laptop in bed, finding plenty of fodder to blog about.

An hour later, I’ve exhausted the opportunities inherent in laying around in bed, but Diego is still enjoying his comfortable spot.

Off to the Apple Store to find gadgets and gizmos for my iPod. They don’t open ’til 12, so I spend my money at Crate and Barrel instead.

Lunch time at Five Guys, the best hamburgers on the planet. Although I’m not sure if they’re worth the 20 minute wait — it was busy today.

Cleaning the stove. It’s one of those flat-top stoves that you wax, like a car. Wax on… wax off. A kind of Mr. Miyagi thing, you know?

Cleaning up the backyard and putting up my hammock. Chances are now that I’ve got the thing up, it’ll go back to being too cold to be out here.

Wow — I should do this photo thing more often. I’m getting a lot done around the house, trying to appear more productive than I usually am.

I was tired of being productive, so Diego and I lay on the hammock, listening to some Enya and watching the clouds roll by above.

Working on a video for Universal Living Wage.

Cleaning the bathroom.

It’s a new episode of “Monarch of the Glen” tonight!

I’m getting hungry.


Oh, Angelina — some of us are watching in high definition. Couldn’t you have picked a dress that covered those bizarre tattoos?
Does anyone else notice that the “theme” music of the Oscars this year seems to be a weird arrangement of the “All Things Considered” theme?

Full circle… Diego’s ready for bed, and so am I. A boring day? Perhaps. I guess boring is in the eye of the beholder.

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