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In another example of why it pays to get your news from multiple sources, I present two articles that come to completely different conclusions.
First, from Ireland On-Line:

Elton wants to ‘marry’ his partner
Music legend Elton John has said he would like to “marry” his lover David Furnish.

Elton said he looked forward to the day when same-sex civil partnerships became lawfully recognised in Britain.

Elton said: “We’re definitely going to do it when it gets passed.”

Now, from Gay.com UK:

Sir Elton: no marriage plans, but keen for Civil Partnerships
Sir Elton John has spoken out about the ongoing debate over same-sex marriages, saying that while he supports legalising lesbian and gay weddings, he has no plans to marry his long-term partner David Furnish in the US.

However, he admits that when the UK Civil Partnership bill passes through parliament, the couple are likely to take full advantage of the scheme.

“David and I are in favour of gay marriage but have no plans to get married,” the statement ran.

However, Sir Elton has appeared in the New York Daily News saying he does plan for the couple to make use of the Civil Partnership bill, which will give same-sex couples the chance to have their relationship legally recognised.

It must suck to be a celebrity who is dogged by reporters to make some kind of statement about your personal life — how difficult it must be to have to make a decision on marrying someone because a reporter wants a story. How romantic.

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