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The Bush Distillery

It’s interesting — if you take a look back at Dubya’s administration, you’ll see a pattern: he’s tried to present a front depicting himself as somewhat centrist, but of course we know this is not the case. He’s a fundamentalist Christian who has worked tirelessly to force his views upon the country. And it’s beginning to take it’s toll. There are a good number of conservatives who are becoming turned off by this and they’re distancing themselves from him. Some are unhappy that he wants to tamper with the Constitution, some fault his incredible spending and unbelievable deficit. I have a feeling that he is distilling the party down to find just those who are fellow travellers, but for what reason? His “base” can’t possibly be enough to sustain him, why does he keep alienating members of his own party?
I’m happy that the Log Cabin Republicans and the Republican Unity Coalition have turned against him. Perhaps those two groups of living oxymorons will finally realize what kind of people they are supporting and grow a scintilla of self-worth. Glimmers of hope are beginning to appear — the Log Cabin Republicans are set to air commercials denouncing Bush. What does it mean when your supporters start airing ads opposing you?
And perhaps this is evidence that people are finally coming to realize what some of us knew from the moment Bush appeared on our screens: the man is a lying, divisive, money-grubbing, corporate-ass-kissing, fundamentalist, Taliban-esque opportunist. This distillation of the party is leading toward a pure neo-Con fundamentalist core. What is their next step after they’ve gotten rid of dissenters? A scary thought.

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