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Now I know what the Straight Guy feels like.

Yes, I went out and got a haircut and a facial today. It’s the first time I ever got a facial. It started out uncomfortable, but by the time it was done I felt like, “What? It’s over? Darn.”

I decided to have a Me day today, ‘cos I am having another of those disappointing days. Faithful readers will know that I almost never divulge information about my personal life, mostly because I feel that it will make me appear to be rather pitiful and depressing. But every so often I get a little bit past the walls, so here goes.

I’ve been having a long-distance flirtation with a cutie from Manhattan lately, and he was supposed to come down to D.C. this weekend to meet me for a romantic weekend. I spent all last week frantic and nervous, wondering if we would get along, cleaning the house, and generally fretting. Then, one day before he was supposed to arrive, he e-mailed me telling me that he had strained his back and decided not to come, asking for a raincheck for later in the spring.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t too upset about it. I don’t know if it is because I felt that it was a good excuse, if I felt that it was a bad excuse, or if I am just used to that sort of disappointment.

So, I decided to have a pizza and movie night last night instead, and bought a few DVDs of old Dr. Who episodes, and settled in for a pleasantly creepy time. I called my friend Eric and made plans to go see “Starsky & Hutch” today. But I ended up with an excuse from him, too: his wife felt ill and went to a clinic. I may still end up going, depending on when she gets home and if it seems right to do it, but if not… well, I’ve had a haircut and a facial and I feel tingly, so what the hell.

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