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A little arm-twisting

The governor of Georgia has been calling Democrats into his office and demanding that they become Republicans:

Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue spent part of Wednesday, the last and busiest day of the legislative session, calling some House Democrats into his office and urging them to switch to the GOP, according to several lawmakers who met with the governor.
He was polite, but legislators said Perdue was clear about the consequences of not accepting his offer. If they refused, Perdue told them he would campaign on behalf of a Republican opponent in the fall elections. Perdue gave them until Monday to make up their minds.

… “I think the governor was doing what he thought was his role, to try to change members so that in the final two years of his administration he believes he can control the House and Senate both,” Jamieson said. “I say that decision is left up to the voters of Georgia, not the governor — this governor or any governor.”

Is there no end to the bizarre lengths the Republicans will go to in order to consolidate their power?

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