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Here’s what Bush advisor Karen Hughes had to say when asked about the Pro-Choice March on Washington. I won’t editorialize, it’s up to you to decide what she’s saying about the marchers. I will, however, point out that you should note the way all the Bush staff carefully work September 11 into every subject they talk about:

Asked by host Wolf Blitzer how big an issue she thought abortion would be in this year’s presidential election, Hughes responded: “Well, Wolf, it’s always an issue. And I frankly think it’s changing somewhat. I think after September 11th the American people are valuing life more and realizing that we need policies to value the dignity and worth of every life.”

The former White House counselor then noted that President Bush has urged Americans to “be reasonable” about the issue and to encourage a reduction in the number of abortions performed each year in a variety of ways, including by encouraging more adoptions.

“And I think those are the kind of policies that the American people can support, particularly at a time when we’re facing an enemy, and really the fundamental difference between us and the terror network we fight is that we value every life,” she added. “It’s the founding conviction of our country, that we’re endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, the right to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately our enemies in the terror network, as we’re seeing repeatedly in the headlines these days, don’t value any life, not even the innocent and not even their own.”

Someday the press will ask about the President’s dog or something, and the response will include a reference to September 11.

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