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I was not all that shocked to learn that President Bush keeps Saddam Hussein’s pistol mounted in his private study at the White House. I’m sure he’d much rather show off Hussein himself, stuffed and mounted, but hey, we haven’t gone that far yet.
What did surprise me in the Time magazine article was this:

Another of the room’s mementos: a photograph of special-forces soldiers in Afghanistan praying after burying a piece of the World Trade Center there as a tribute to those who died in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Frankly, I’m bewildered and a little bit outraged at this. How is burying a piece of the World Trade Center in Afghanistan a tribute to those who died? You buried it at the place where our enemies planned the attack?!
Maybe they thought they could grow another if they watered it enough.
I’m not even going to ask how they got the piece. It seems like the government just distributed pieces of wreckage to all and sundry after the event. Even Rumsfeld had a piece in his office.

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