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Name Dropping

If I were some kind of ultra-lefty conspiracy theorist, I’d have to ask myself: is the news about the impending demise of Ronald Reagan being released now to divert attention from Bush’s continuing woes, and to give the right wing someone/something to rally around, claiming themselves to be Reaganites and daring people to vote against the former president?
Morbid as it may sound, I’m sure that Bush is praying that the former president dies just before the election. It would add to all those other October surprises he has planned. (Can you say Osama bin Laden? Remember him?)

Interestingly, according to the BBC:

But Mr Reagan’s spokeswoman denied the reports. “When there is something significant to report, I will do so,” Joanne Drake told AFP news agency.

Evidently, it’s White House officials who are claiming that “the time is getting close.”

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