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Now they know how we feel

I was surprised to learn that fundie wacko Fred Phelps and his detestable followers were actually picketing at Ronald Reagan’s funeral yesterday. These are the hate-spewing brainless wonders who hold those huge signs that say “AIDS Fags In Hell” and “God Hates Fags” and the like.
Yesterday, they held signs telling of Reagan’s descent to hell. I can’t presume to imagine what is festering in Fred Phelps’ head. Perhaps it’s because, although he allowed the AIDS epidemic to spread like wildfire, the Reagans had plenty of gay friends: invited guests at the funeral included Michael Feinstein and the man I saw more than any other dignitary this week, Merv Griffin. Of course, Pat Robertson and John Ashcroft were also invited, so there’s no accounting for taste.
There is no one that these wackjobs like, is there? They even protest such bastions of liberalism as the Southern Baptists.
Maybe those right wingers who have tacitly agreed with Phelps in the past will step back for a moment and rethink their position, especially after their own secular god has been the target of his wrath.

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