Just As I Thought


Ralph Nader is just a freakin’ weirdo.
He’s become a parody, really, the Lyndon LaRouche for the century.
Every word he utters makes me scratch my head and just shows him to be a little too egotistical, a little too angry, and a little too… inexplicable.
Now he’s upset that the Green Party didn’t nominate or endorse him. He described the Greens as “strange” — that’s coming from señor strange himself — and then said that if the Greens had endorsed him, it would have helped the party, not his candidacy.
Meanwhile, once again, his campaign consists of telling us that his opponents are exactly the same as each other and it doesn’t matter if you vote for Bush or Kerry. But he never seems to get out the message of what he or his platform is.
Now that there’s reports that some Republican campaign strategists are trying to get people to vote for Nader as a way to spoil Kerry’s chances, why would anyone at all vote for this guy?

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