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Next target: al Jazeera

It’s the Fox News — only much worse — of the Arab World. It has no pretense of objective journalism. It airs unedited propaganda from terrorists and murders and glorifies their barbarity by calling them “martyrs.”
If there is a real war on terror going on, how long will it be until al Jazeera is forced off the air? Of course, if it is, what will be the reaction?
An interesting point here: we all know that there is no connection between Saddam Hussein and the September 11 attacks, but more than half of the American people seem to think there is. This is because it’s been alluded to so brilliantly in speeches by the administration that people have automatically read between lines that aren’t there. Masterful work. But those people who have been brainwashed to believe that nonsense are probably rational enough to read this and be bewildered by what kind of moron could believe it:

A Kuwaiti who recently graduated from a Pennsylvania university said of Americans, “Don’t believe them when they say it is al Qaeda that is slaying Americans. It is Americans who are killing Americans to justify their presence in the Arab world and to control Arab oil.”

But if Fox News or al Jazeera — or NPR or The Washington Post or CNN or… — says it, it must be true.
Does anyone take in the evidence and formulate a coherent picture of the truth anymore, or do they all let pundits masquerading as journalists tell them what to think and believe?

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