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I’m endlessly amused by the use of the appellation “Liberal”, especially when it’s used by the Bush campaign.

This year’s presidential campaign marks the latest effort to hurl the L-word — the most familiar and, on some occasions, most lethal spear in the Republican arsenal. President Bush’s campaign spokesmen have called the Democratic ticket of Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.) and Sen. John Edwards (N.C.) the most liberal ticket in U.S. history.

What, are they trying to ensure that I do vote for Kerry?
This is another example of how the right wing has managed to use language so effectively. I’m baffled at how they have made such a wonderful word as “liberal” into a negative thing. Then again, these are people who are dead set against liberty.
The other day I heard some nonsense on the radio with a woman saying things like “we have to fight for our freedom” and the like, trotting out September 11 and claiming that terrorists are trying to take away our freedom. (They never used the word “liberty.”)
This really annoys me, because no terrorist has taken away our freedom, nor would they ever be able to.
No, the Bush Administration has taken away our freedom, or at least, some of them. The terrorists were and are murderers, pure and simple. The only people who can take away our liberty is ourselves, by allowing people like Bush, Cheney, and Ashcroft to do so.

By the way — if Kerry and Edwards are the most liberal ticket in history, I’m disappointed. They’re nowhere near liberal enough.

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