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And the winner is

The Statue of Liberty has re-opened. But you can’t climb up. Just to visit the base, you must go through invasive security procedures twice (one of which uses puffs of air to get under your clothing), and have a reservation. Hell, it was easier to get into Windsor Castle while the Queen was in residence.
You can’t tour the White House — the people’s house — without going through a lengthy reservations system. Your Capitol is off limits. Don’t even think of parking anywhere.
America has always shone as a land of freedom. Our civil liberties are what make this country so amazing and an example for others.
But we’ve lost so many liberties over the last few years, and with the closure of roads and checkpoints that have sprouted up in Washington, it seems that the trend will continue.
America is losing her unique view of liberty. We’re giving up our liberties (well, not all of us) to gain temporary safety… or the illusion of safety.
The terrorists have won.

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