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The first stone

A letter to the editor in today’s Washington Post says:

The dust-up about whether Sen. John F. Kerry inflated his service record threatens to obscure a larger issue: the extent to which the Kerry campaign has politicized the military. Mr. Kerry has made his time in Vietnam the centerpiece of his campaign. He travels with a “band of brothers” and placed uniformed veterans in conspicuous positions at his nominating convention. He flaunts his medals and salutes civilian audiences.

Am I the only one who remembers a swaggering President Bush, dressed ridiculously in a flight suit, pretending to be Top Gun?
Politicizing the military? The Bush administration has done nothing but, long before Kerry entered the race. And despite using the military as a political asset, the administration continues to cut benefits for veterans.
Wash your finger before you point at my spots, pal.

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