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For the man who has everything

So, here’s the final score for those of you who were keeping track of my birthday haul: 1 adorable mug from my Texas girls, and 1 stainless steel paper towel rack that fits perfectly with my kitchen renovations. Cool! I enjoyed having a low-stress, few gifts birthday, especially with little tokens like that which fit my life nicely.
Of course, I wouldn’t have turned down that Sony 50″ Wega Plasma set, the one that looks like the screen is floating in glass. Nice. I almost bought myself one yesterday, but…
For those of you looking forward to my 39th birthday, I found the perfect gift. It’s a gadget, of course, but one that no self-respecting color-blind creative director should be without: the Pantone Color Cue.
The Color Cue is a cool little device that measures and identifies colors. You just place it down on an item and press the button. It reports what the color is in all sorts of color systems, from Pantone to RGB to HTML. Way cool.
As a matter of fact, I might just not wait for a year and order one for myself right now! Woo hoo! I can see it now — I’ll be wandering around the house figuring out the Pantone color for my couch, my walls, my shirt… neat.

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