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One more vote

One by one. That’s how we’re going to get George Bush and his fear-mongering, hate-spewing maniacs out of power. Every time his campaign sends out a press release or puts up a manic speaker, one more person is disgusted and he loses a vote. And more and more often, it seems to be someone from their own side of the aisle.
On Friday, it was conservative Andrew Sullivan.

I CANNOT SUPPORT HIM IN NOVEMBER: I will add one thing more. And that is the personal sadness I feel that this president who praises freedom wishes to take it away from a whole group of Americans who might otherwise support many parts of his agenda. To see the second family tableau with one family member missing because of her sexual orientation pains me to the core. And the president made it clear that discriminating against gay people, keeping them from full civic dignity and equality, is now a core value for him and his party. The opposite is a core value for me. Some things you can trade away. Some things you can compromise on. Some things you can give any politician a pass on. But there are other values – of basic human dignity and equality – that cannot be sacrificed without losing your integrity itself. That’s why, despite my deep admiration for some of what this president has done to defeat terror, and my affection for him as a human being, I cannot support his candidacy. Not only would I be abandoning the small government conservatism I hold dear, and the hope of freedom at home as well as abroad, I would be betraying the people I love. And that I won’t do.

Bravo. Even if Bush was not a economic moron and his policies actually produced prosperity; even if he wasn’t a war-mongering idiot, and his “pre-emptive” doctrine produced a safer world… even if, what would be the point if he denied dignity and equality to a segment of the population?

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