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The Bushies aren’t even mentioning the name Osama bin Laden — heck, they haven’t mentioned him since they turned their attention, inexplicably, to Iraq. I think most people realize that they don’t talk about him because the failure to capture him is probably the biggest blunder of the administration so far. But we all expect that he’ll turn up right before the election — either as a prisoner or as the mastermind of another horrific attack. Let’s be honest, now. Don’t most of us expect him to be captured just before the election, ensuring a slam dunk for Bush? Well, the AP reports:

The United States and its allies have moved closer to capturing Osama bin Laden in the last two months, a top U.S. counterterrorism official said in a television interview broadcast Saturday.

“If he has a watch, he should be looking at it because the clock is ticking. He will be caught,” Joseph Cofer Black, the U.S. State Department coordinator for counterterrorism, told private Geo television network.

Asked if concrete progress had been made during the last two months � when Pakistan has arrested dozens of terror suspects including some key al-Qaida operatives � Black said, “Yes, I would say this.”

Black, who briefed a group of Pakistani journalists after talks with officials here Friday, said he could not predict exactly when bin Laden and other top al-Qaida fugitives would be nabbed.

“What I tell people, I would be surprised but not necessarily shocked if we wake up tomorrow and he’s been caught along with all his lieutenants. That can happen because of the programs and infrastructure in place,” he told Geo.

Oh, trust me. We wouldn’t be shocked. In fact, we’re getting a little tired of waiting for the end of this game.

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