Just As I Thought

Not so funny

I’ve seen a lot of arguments from gun nuts saying that by banning assault weapons, the government was just working it’s way toward banning all guns — it was a prelude.
Funny, that’s the argument that abortion rights supporters use. They claim that by outlawing certain procedures, the government is moving toward a total ban.
Generally speaking, these two groups are usually on opposite sides, aren’t they?
What’s interesting in this situation is that both sides are against the government. Is no one ever satisfied with the government? Are we all going to end up like those nutty survivalist groups hunkered down in case of a government raid?
What ever happened to those groups? We haven’t heard from them in quite a while, which is odd. They were always complaining about a heavy-handed government, black helicopters, surveillance… all things which have now come about. We’ve never been spied upon and watched by our government as much as we are these days, but the militias seem to have disappeared…

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