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Reality check, party of one

My blog is down. The humanity! Doesn’t it know I have something to say? Luckily Gene is out of town and has given me a key. Otherwise, I’d probably take out my frustrations by having a moment.

So, I had lunch with my friend Kristen yesterday. Kristen is a bleeding heart liberal commie pinko bastard, just like me. Her family, I’ve just discovered is another story. Her parents, both teachers and some of the nicest, most caring people I’ve ever met, people I consider my pseudo parents, are Republicans. This, by itself, is not a bad thing…but they’re the kind of Republicans who would vote for Charles Manson if he clinched the Republican nomination to run for President. They’d ignore all the horrific things he’s done and exclaim, “But he’s such a strong leader! And so charismatic!” I nearly couldn’t finish my lunch.

Kristen’s brother, the biggest pothead I know, married a super-conservative skanky bitch [she could be Ann Coulter’s slightly more attractive but deeply flawed younger sister] a few years ago and has brow beaten him into being conservative. It’s sick. I feel sorry for him.

Kristen had dinner with her parents and brother last weekend and they all ganged up on her. Kristen is not much for confrontation, and isn’t much of a debater. She knows why she’s voting for Kerry and why Bush is bad news, but when faced with having to defend her position, all facts fly out of her head and she’s left like the proverbial deer in headlights.

Did I mention that Kristen’s parents and her brother get all their news from Fox? Well, you know what that means. Had I been there, it would have been like slapping flies to counter their weak arguments.

Kristen’s brother actually insisted that the economy is currently kickass and there are jobs galore for everyone. His basis for this claim? He’s a mortgage broker and everyone and their brother is buying a house right now. If people weren’t doing fantastically in this outstanding economy, they certainly wouldn’t be buying houses.

Heh! Now, I’ve covered this over at my own blog, but perhaps Kristen’s brother would be shocked and surprised to know that personal bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures are at an all time high. You know, because the economy is the best we’ve ever had and there are more than enough jobs to go around for everyone.

Kristen’s parents don’t really have a real reason for supporting Bush. They just nod their heads like idiots and spout off the rhetoric you only believe if you can’t think for yourself, the stupidity about Kerry being a flip flopper, the invasion of Iraq going swimmingly, etc.

Sure, I could make a special trip of to Kristen’s parents’ house for the purpose of making their silly arguments look, well, silly. But what good would that do? It wouldn’t change their minds, and they’d just end up being mad at me for daring to question their party loyalty.

But it still startles me and makes me sad that people who are otherwise rational would stick their heads up their asses about the problems with the current administration.

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