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My conspiracy radar, which was non-existent before the Bush administration, has been ticking over like crazy this last 4 years. For example, the other day I heard a story on the radio about the swearing in of new citizens which is happening outside our country’s borders for the first time in 60 years. Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who are not U.S. citizens are being naturalized now; the reason given is that if they should die, they would never have gotten the honor of citizenship.
My mind immediately jumped and said: “Hmm. Instead of buying votes, the Bush campaign is creating votes.”
As if by magic, after this little nugget of information came out, there was this story that followed:

In a survey of U.S. troops and their families, President Bush was the strong favorite over Sen. John F. Kerry, with 69 percent saying they place greater trust in Bush to handle the responsibilities of commander in chief.

…The survey found that 69 percent had a “favorable” view of Bush, while 29 percent professed a favorable view of Kerry. On character traits, Bush drew higher ratings than the Massachusetts senator for being caring, knowledgeable, optimistic, consistent and a strong leader — although respondents also considered Bush more stubborn.

Suddenly, the first story makes sense, doesn’t it?

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