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Great ideas

There are so many great interface ideas on computers these days, I just wish that they would be translated to other environments.

Such as Exposé, the cool utility built into Mac OS. At a keystroke or mouse movement, all the windows either move off the screen so you can see under them or shrink down so that you can view all the windows at once. Now, wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could use this while watching television? At the press of a button, all the clutter — the network logo, the intrusive promo for upcoming shows, and pointless rating icon — would zip off the screen and let one watch the actual show.

There are some functions on the computer that would be great if they applied to everything on the computer. For instance, “Undo.” Yeah, it’s nice to be able to undo, but can’t it be extended? How about an Undo command that would reach over the internet and take back an e-mail that you had second thoughts about sending?

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