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One week

Well, here we are, one week into the new blog and everything seems to be going swimmingly! This software is a bit more… well, complex than Moveable Type — one comma in the wrong place and the whole blog disappears. Scary.
There were two main reasons for the switch. First, the constant rebuilding everytime I posted with MT was glacial — with thousands of posts, it was taking so long that the rebuild would time out and things wouldn’t get posted. Second, the spam. My MT installation was being spammed at a rate of about 100 per day — some caught by the blacklist module, but many not. This meant stripping the spam out by hand, which required — you guessed it, rebuilding.
For the last week using Expression Engine, I haven’t gotten a single spam message. Bliss, I’m telling you.
Once I get all my real (you know, the job I’m paid for) work done, I’ll finish fixing up the still broken stuff, like the other blogs — Snapshot, London, etc. I promise.
Meanwhile, think of it this way: how much are you paying for all this entertainment? (About what it’s worth, I’d imagine.)

P.S. I forgot to mention that another little thing I added to this blog is a photo moblog. It’s over there on the right side, and finally gives me a reason to send photos from my mobile phone. Another little feature stolen shamelessly from Pesky Apostrophe

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