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Meow Mystery

When I got home today, I immediately noticed that my cat Squeaker was injured — there was shaved spot on his head and he’d been stitched up. I went next door to Danielle, who was checking in on the cats, to ask about it.
She said she had been meaning to ask me about it. Huh?
So, basically, someone has mysteriously taken my cat to the vet for some reason. It happened on Thursday I think, because that’s when I left and Danielle visited the cats Friday morning at the latest.
I have a doggie door that goes out to my backyard patio, and the cats come and go. They usually stick around behind my house and don’t go far, so I can only assume that something happened out beyond my backyard, someone picked up Squeaker and took him to get stitches. What I don’t understand is this: Squeaker has a tag with my name and address (although the phone number is out of date). They knew where I lived. They didn’t leave a note or anything like that; and since Squeaker was in the house when I got home, they obviously brought him back and just let him loose so that he could come in the backyard doggie door. If I had taken in an injured cat, I would have kept him in my house and contacted the owners, not put him back outside.
Weirdness. Total weirdness. I can’t figure it out. I really want to find out what happened, if for no other reason than to make sure Squeaker doesn’t need antibiotics or something; but also because I feel like someone needs to be paid for a vet bill.

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