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Better hoard those nylons

I swear to GOD (for that is the “in” deity in America these days), I cannot believe the brazen hypocrisy that sloshes forth from the Bush gang. Pesky lil’ Mac points out the following:

Last week:

“The time of war is a time of sacrifice, especially for our military families,” Bush said, wearing a tan military jacket with epaulets. “I urge every American to find some way to thank our military and to help out the military family down the street.”
[…] Speaking on the 63rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Bush’s call to sacrifice recalled president Roosevelt’s Second World War-era requests for Americans to pitch in for the war effort. Citizens responded then by planting victory gardens, purchasing war bonds, contributing metals and transforming commercial factories into weapons-makers.


President Bush will hold the most lavish and expensive inauguration celebration in American history when he is sworn in for his second term next month. But he hopes to temper the four-day extravaganza by holding special events to honour US troops in Iraq.

How interesting it is, these timid calls for “sacrifice” during wartime; he wants nothing of the kind. He wants to use “war” as a buzzword, an excuse when he needs one; but he doesn’t want us to really sacrifice because then we’ll start to question his war. I mean, can you really imagine George W. Bush telling us that we’ll need ration books to buy gas for our 10mpg SUVs?

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