Just As I Thought

Pay no attention to the weatherman behind the curtain

The TV stations are, as one might predict, making a mountain out of a molehill. They’re using terms like “winter blast” and “very dangerous.” They’re deploying “team coverage” with reporters in the field reporting… well, nothing.
OK, it’s cold out — 21° as I write this — and there was a little bit of snow earlier. But in all these TV live shots, there’s no snow on the ground and the snow that is falling is so light that it can’t even be seen on camera.
But hey, they already deployed the live vans, so they’ve got to get their money’s worth.
Just as an aside, can I point out that Fox 5 here in DC has cornered the market on weather-related hype marketing terms — they use: Fox 5 Storm Force; Force 5 Stormtrak; Force 5 Stormscan; and Force 5 Live Doppler. Oy.

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