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Always the last to know

I guess gaydar doesn’t extend to lesbians, or I would have already known that Sara Gilbert, who played the oh-so-obvious tomboy Darlene Conner on “Roseanne,” was gay. At least, that’s what the Enquirer and Queer Day say:

Actress Sara Gilbert, who played the smart-mouthed Darlene on “Roseanne” and has recently appeared in “ER” and “24” is the proud mother of her lesbian live-in lover (since 2002)Allison Adler’s baby boy. A source says, “The entire Gilbert family was thrilled with the news that Allie delivered a healthy baby boy — especially Sara’ sister Melissa, who is ecstatic over being an aunt. And Sara’s TV mom Roseanne was so happy she sent over a boatload of baby gifts.” Adler has her own entertainment history primarily as a writer and producer most recently with the ABC series “Life As We Know It.” Friends Ellen DeGeneres and Melissa Etheridge have already been by to see the baby.

Mazel Tov!
(Oh, and was it necessary to single out Ellen and Melissa there? Like they’re the official Lesbian overlords?)

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