Just As I Thought

It’s only history repeating

Check out this excerpt from the Post, with appropriate redactions:

—– County, a ——- stronghold and the last county to finish counting ballots, is expected to certify its results Thursday, but it appeared the courts ultimately will have to decide who won.

——- vowed to seek out ——- voters whose ballots were disqualified and said they will fight to have those votes counted.

“This battle is not over,” State —– Chairman —– said. “This election is not over.”

I find it unfailing funny that this sounds exactly like Florida in 2000; except that this time it’s Washington and the one winning the recount is the Democrat — cause unlike Florida, the recount is actually taking place. Every time they recount, the Democrat gets more votes… so, everyone — Democrat and Republican — is anxious to count again and again until they get the result they want, then STOP RIGHT THERE!
What happens when one of the world’s oldest democracies can no longer trust its voting system?

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