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WETA, my local public broadcaster — down the street, in fact — is presenting a new documentary from the producers who created “An American Family”, the show remembered for Lance Loud’s coming out. The new program is called “The Congregation,” and it’s a fly-on-the-wall look at a Philadelphia church… as it turns out, the church led by Beth Stroud, the pastor who was recently defrocked after she acknowledged she was lesbian.
This show, which you probably never heard of, airs this Wednesday. I’ve seen not a single ad nor promo for this program, which is unusual. When you click upon the promotional image on the WETA website, it just reloads the page. Are they trying to bury this? Sweep it under the rug? There is a PBS site for the program… how odd that the WETA site doesn’t link to it.
TV Barn says:

With “The Congregation,” the Raymonds have captured lightning again, though you would never know it from the appallingly thin publicity effort PBS has put behind this movie. (I received a screener tape last week with no airdate on the label, no accompanying press release, no followup e-mail.)

I know the guy at WETA who’s responsible for national promotions — this doesn’t sound like him. What’s up, I wonder?

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