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Phun with Phones

The only way to learn is to do, right? That’s why I spend a decent chunk of my free time playing with my G5 and trying to learn new web stuff. The equivalent of the old days when I would take things apart to see how they worked, and try to put them together in a different way to make something new.
Today, I’ve been playing around with WAP and mobile phones, with the hope that eventually I’ll be able to have some ringtones for you guys to download. It turns out to be far more complicated than I had expected.
Nevertheless, I’ve created a few ringtones that you can download from your phone — I think. First off, you need an internet-enabled mobile phone. Second, it must support AMR ringtones — those are the kind that are sampled sounds, not the beep-beep-bloop type.
If you’re not faint of heart and want to try it, point your phone’s WAP browser to: wap.genecowan.com. Once you’re there, choose “ringtones” and try one.
They don’t sound all that great. For some reason, I can’t seem to create AMR files on the Mac, even though QuickTime exports AMR and they sound good… it just doesn’t get the file format right. I had to do them in Windows, and frankly, they sound crappy.
That’s what I’ve been wasting my Sunday on. You?

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