Just As I Thought

Extremely stubborn and suspicious

So, I got a couple of wrong number calls this afternoon from someone who sounded like a crotchety yet somewhat jolly old man.
The first time he called, I told him he had a wrong number, and then he just kind of went quiet and shuffled a bit; I just hung up.
The second time, he got a bit upset. First, he said that he couldn’t be wrong, because the person he was calling had had that number for years. (In fact, I constantly get calls from bill collectors and the like for the person who had my number before me, and his name is not who this guy was calling for.)
I told him that I had been the owner of this number for years, and asked him what number he was trying to reach. Yes, it was my number, and I told him that — and I told him that I’d had this number for around 6 years.
He said, “I find that hard to believe,” and hung up.
Why would I make something like that up?

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