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No More, You Know

The real pitfall of cleaning house and junking unwanted stuff is that you sometimes run across something that takes you off on a tangent. Today, it was four videotapes I found in a pile on the closet floor.
They were tapes sent to my office from NBC, with 4 years worth of public service announcements from the series “The More You Know” — you know, the PSAs that gave people in my generation a new catch phrase.
Anyway, I have more or less wasted my entire day digitizing each and every one of these PSAs, and I’ve posted them all — all 128 files — over on the Cacophony site. They feature such memorable NBC stars as Charlie Schlatter (oh, what a crush I had on him), Jere Burns, Jill Eikenberry, and Will Smith. I wonder whatever happened to him?

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