Just As I Thought

Beam it down

I hate to wait.
And this whole moving experience has been nothing but one big wait.
The worst part of it all is just before it’s all over. When you’ve been through weeks and weeks of wait and deadlines are approaching and things are late.
Today is one of those days. It’s the home stretch — pun intended — and I’m waiting for: my car, to be delivered today; the moving van, to arrive tomorrow; the keys to my new home, possibly tonight or tomorrow morning; new couch and chair as well as cable and internet, Saturday.
Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there. I still have to make a DMV appointment for later this week so I can get a new driver’s license — you only have ten days here before the long arm of the law swoops down. Then another ten days to get my car registered.
The rules here — if I may digress — are more astonishing every time I turn around. Today I learned that trash is picked up once a week (versus 3 times back home), and you are limited to what fits into the provided bin. If you have a bag of trash that doesn’t fit in the bin, you have to go down to the grocery store and buy a coupon to have that bag picked up.
What would I have done back home when I threw out the contents of my home? Now I feel like such a polluter.
Anyway. Perhaps I’ll feel more at home this afternoon after my car arrives… and I can drive her downtown to establish water service. Because here, you have to take off work to go down to their office and give them a $50 cash deposit. They don’t take credit or debit cards. This is 2005, isn’t it? Welcome to the Capital of the Silicon Valley…

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