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We’ve still got 3 hours to go before the fireworks start here — I’ll be watching the show in downtown San Jose from the top of the hill I live on. I kind of miss being home for the fireworks. I’m watching them as I type via a live feed on the internet, but it’s not the same as sitting on my front stoop in Arlington and hearing the booms come over the hill, at the same time as the big Arlington fireworks in the park across the street from my house. Not that Diego ever appreciated all that noise, of course, but I enjoyed it.
I’m going to try an experiment tonight — I’m going to take my high-def video camera up on the hill and see how well it works in that low-light situation. If it turns out nice, I’ll post a little video tomorrow of the 4th here in Silicon Valley!

(p.s. As a example of how important tech is here, the fireworks will take place at Discovery Meadow, which is located at the corner of W. San Carlos St. and Woz Way, named for Steve Wozniak of Apple Computer fame.)

(p.p.s. That image above was from the park service webcam at 9pm, when the boats arrayed themselves on the Potomac waiting for the show. It just happened to capture a firework in bloom somewhere over in Maryland on the right side of the image.)


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