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Home of the near future

I’ve been doing a bit of research for yet another attempt at renovating and updating g-world — I’m planning on regenerating it into a more camp, googie, late 50s motif — and I came across this look at the home of the future. It occurs to me that I’m well on my way to this rosy future:

  • Robotic Maid to Cook and Clean “by magic”
    Well, I’ve got a robotic vacuum, that’s a start.
  • 3-D Color TV Wall Panel
    What’s funniest about this one is the attention paid to the adjective color. Funnily enough, some statisticians claim that color television still hasn’t penetrated 100% of television-owning homes. Anyway, I have a color TV wall panel. Not necessarily in 3D, though. But then again, it’s high definition.
  • Microwave Stove with Menu Selector
    Check. Heck, I could even get a microwave that automatically cooks food based on a barcode on the package!
  • Electrical Heat Unit
    Had one of these for years, with the electric bill to prove it.
  • Phono-vision Receiver (TV Phone)
    Well, I’ve got one of those here on my laptop computer, which is an innovation that they completely missed. They must have thought that computers would remain room-sized and too expensive for individuals to buy.
  • Electronic House-control Panel
    While I don’t have the kind of panel they’re talking about — though many people do these days — I have a networking panel in my bedroom closet, connecting my house with the outside world. You’re using it now to read this.

It’s a brave new world, isn’t it? Welcome to my push-button miracle home!

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