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Ablution Absolution

I had a spa day today.
Yeah, I know that the assumption is that gay guys do this all the time, but for me it was a first.
First, I had a back wax. C’mon guys, you know you’ve thought about it. Anyway, it wasn’t like I was a gorilla or anything, so it didn’t really hurt any worse than pulling off a bandage.
Then, neck, shoulder, and arm massage, followed by a facial. It was alternately annoying and relaxing, uncomfortable and blissful.
Actually, I feel rather embarassed and disgusted with myself for doing this when so many people are displaced, suffering, or dead along the Gulf Coast — but even if I had canceled the appointment, they still would have charged me.
So, I’ve decided to do something to offset my guilt — I never talk about anything I do in terms of charity here, especially donations, because I just think it’s tacky. But to make myself feel better for having a smooth back and exfoliated face, I’m going to hop over to the Red Cross website right now and make another donation, this time I’ll donate an amount significantly more than my spa trip.
Cleanse the soul as well as the skin, eh?

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