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Be not forgetful to entertain strangers

Mac points out that the doctrine of Christian charity is obviously not in force — of course, it hasn’t been for quite a long time with the current brand of “Christianity” which mostly consists of discriminating against anyone who doesn’t hold the same beliefs or “values” as yourself. Anyway:

In a week of absolutely disgusting news and pathetic response from the feds, it’s truly something when I can say I may have just read the single most repulsive thing pertaining to Hurricane Katrina. OK, I lied. It’s among the most repulsive things of the week—someone is offering a room of their home in Baton Rouge for six months [which is very nice], but they’ve put all these weird conditions on it. They’ll only host a single mother and a newborn child [but hey, they’ll consider taking in someone with an additional kid is a toddler or younger] and the single mother is not allowed to drink or smoke in the house and must attend church [the church part is caps].

You know, it’s one thing to want to keep your house smoke free or alcohol free…but to mandate that only church-goers be allowed to partake of your charity? That’s vile. Seriously, it’s just absolutely disgusting. I can only assume the person offering the house considers themself a Christian—does being a good and caring person only extend to those of the same religious beliefs?

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