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From the archives #1

Years ago, my dad and I went on a trip to the National Archives to do some research on the family. I kept the notes on my computer for a time, then backed them up onto CD. Now my dad is getting ready to visit some relatives and asked for the notes — well, I had no idea where they were, so I started going through piles of CD-ROMs looking. I found them, along with huge amounts of strange and amusing stuff that I’d archived through the years. A lot of it would have made fun blog fodder, had I a blog back in the late 90s.
Anyway. I think I’ll post some of it through the coming weeks, just for grins. I’ll start with this: a floor plan for 1164 Morning Glory Circle, also known as the home of Darrin and Samantha Stevens.


I saw this at an exhibit at the Corcoran gallery, all drawings by Mark Bennett. They were fascinating and fun, and now they’re available in a book.

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