Just As I Thought

He’ll rebuild it. But you can’t afford it.

I swear, with this president it’s one step forward and many large leaps back.
Yesterday’s assertion that New Orleans would be rebuilt in one of the nation’s largest ever reconstructon projects had me waiting for the other shoe to drop, and today it hit with a thud.
He’s now saying that the incredible expense can be met without raising taxes by cutting government spending.
Now, you might think that a halfway intelligent person would, say, repeal the bloated “energy” bill that was passed recently… you know, the one that gives billions in tax breaks to oil companies which are making record profits now.
Get this.
To pay for it, he wants to cut Medicaid (which is one of the benefits that he mentioned extending to hurricane victims) and the Army Corps of Engineers, the people responsible for building levees.
So, once again, white middle class Americans hear his message of rebuilding and everything is happy… companies like Halliburton are excited by the billions appropriated for reconstruction… and the poor people of the Gulf region lose their Medicaid and levees. Screwed once more while the Bush’s base is soothed and everyone else goes back to life as usual.

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