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My desktop — the virtual one — is just like my real one, cluttered with clippings and pictures and whatnot that I thought might be useful sometime. So, without further ado, here’s some stuff that I’ve been collecting with the intent of blogging it some day.

Remember the Northridge earthquake? Well, how would you like to be the unlucky person who lived at the epicenter? Yes, while most earthquakes seem to happen out there in unpopulated areas, the center of the big quake in LA back in 1994 was located under a cul-de-sac at the end of Elkwood Street in Northridge.


Truth in labeling:



The Huffington Post reports that Louisiana State Senator Craig Romero (R, naturally) is working on his Congressional campaign — and said campaign is planning to exploit Hurricane Katrina. How? A main selling point of Romero’s candidacy is that if Katrina’s victims don’t move back home, the district will go Republican.

From the throw-out-the-trash Friday news briefings: The Government Accounting Office has ruled that Bush administration payments to commentator Armstrong Williams to propagandize “No Child Left Behind” were illegal.

The investigation into Clinton housing secretary Henry Cisneros — who lied about money paid to his mistress — is still going on, 10 years later. It has cost $21,000,000 so far. Attempts have been made to end it, especially since Cisneros pled guilty to the charges. But conservatives, in their clownish pursuit — still — of anything that might taint the Clinton administration (wait — isn’t he out of office now?) have quashed any attempt to stop the investigation. Gee, do you think that they will be as eager to have as “thorough” an investigation into their own leadership? There’s plenty to investigate there.

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