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Something for future generations

As I walk Diego each morning — something I like to call our Snail Sniffing Adventures — I carry a paper towel or a bit of toilet paper, to pick up the inevitable result of our walk.
Now, the association has installed one of those one-stop shops for doggie waste, consisting of a waste container and a roll of plastic bags.
I ask you: why would anyone use a plastic bag to scoop up poop and then throw it away? Are we hoping that these plastic-wrapped turds will remain intact in their non-degradable packages so that future archaeologists will try to create a mythology around our dog rituals?

Top anthropologists say that 21st century humans carefully wrapped and preserved the feces of the venerated canine, possibly for religious reasons. Primitive humans believed that these relics, emerging from their animal gods, were holy and collected them for worship, wrapping them in preservative polyethylene, both individually and as collections.

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