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The Mysterious Miers

I just can’t decide what the whole Miers nomination was about. Either the White House figured that they’d get her confirmed because she had no judicial experience and therefore no one could look at her past; or she was a sacrificial lamb sent out as part of some as yet unknown ploy.
Regardless, her letter of withdrawal is interesting reading. It references her desire to maintain this White House’s stranglehold on secrecy, basically saying that she withdraws because she doesn’t want records of her work to be released.
This is pretty scary, this continual claim of “privilege” by the Bush administration. I seem to remember that the checks and balances system deliberately was designed to make the executive branch the weakest. This administration has done it’s damnedest to rectify that.
There are far too many secrets in the Bush White House. What secret is Harriet Miers the center of, I wonder?


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