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Lies and Misdemeanors

Oh, the joy of indictments. The really fun thing is predicting who’ll get ’em, even though sometimes it is fairly obvious.
“Scooter” Libby. Tom DeLay. Soon, Bill Frist. And of course, the man who accepts indictments as other men accept annual physicals: Marion Barry.
That’s right, bitch set him up again.
From ABC News:

Former District of Columbia Mayor Marion Barry was charged Friday with failure to file his income tax returns a misdemeanor charge that could bring a year-and-a-half in prison if he is convicted.

Barry, the former four-term mayor who is currently a city councilman, has refused to discuss the charges since they surfaced earlier this month. The charges cover the 2000 tax year, prosecutors said.

Those tax charges are not the 69-year-old Barry’s first brush with the law.

I swear, every day I wonder why we, as a citizenry, are so completely inept when it comes to choosing our leaders.

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