Just As I Thought

Why do the powerful whine so much?

In the last few years, the Republican majority has been using little-known loopholes in the rules, has blatantly broken the rules by holding votes open until they get the result they want, has held secret meetings without the opposition present.
And now they’re furious that the Democrats called a closed Senate session?
Frist — the ethically challenged majority leader — said, “It’s an affront to our leadership. It’s an affront to the United States of America. And it is wrong.”
Well, he’d know wrong if he saw it, wouldn’t he? Hey, if it’s in the Senate rules — and it is — it’s not wrong. And it’s about time that someone in the Senate started asking some serious questions about this administration.
And anything that pisses off the party in power — be it Republican or Democratic — is alright with me. The founders did not design our government as a winner-take-all system.
What I like best about this is that the Democrats say they will invoke this rule every day until the Senate Intelligence Committee investigates the misuse of intelligence information that led to the war. Woo hoo! I’m gonna start taping C-SPAN 2 every day now!

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